Le Tire Bouchon 

It was Mr. C.H.'s last night in Hong Kong yesterday. We went to a french restaurant called Le Tire Bouchon which is on the slope of Graham Road in Soho district with another common friend of ours. It is a reputed restaurant among the french community here and it was established 21 years ago. We had some French sausages and snails for appetizers; duck's breast, beef and chicken breast for mains.. I think the chicken breast is really special.. as they cooked it with blue cheese. We also ordered a bottle of wine to share. it was a 2006 LES BECS FINS from the region of Cotes du Rhone.. i think it is a dry wine and it tasted very good with the food. Actually it was my second time there in this restaurant and I would definitely recommend my friends to this place.

Graham Road, SOHO.. Le Tire Bouchon というレストランはこの坂道にあります。このさかみちに登ると、汗をよくかきました。とても大変でした!


値段は全部で1300ドルでした。C.H. さんに奢って貰いました。ありがとうございました!

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